Last week we were in st. georgen to support christian lengyel. he raced the “race around austria solo challenge" and won. after 19 hours and 18 minutes he crossed the line in first place 20 minutes ahead of christian burtscher.

this is the view from the support car – photographed by philipp. have a look at the complete gallery over here.

UPDATE: Christian’s race report is finally online.
Click to read more (in german).

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Philipp is busy these days as the time trial races are picking up and there are some almost every week. Last week he was racing another race at the Röhsler Cup which was a 9km slightly uphill at the beginning and ended in a super steep finish ramping up to 17.5 % which definitely isn’t the course suited him. He managed a 17th overall and a 9th in his age group and now sits 3rd in the all overall cup. Next ITT was one in Upper Austria in Perg through the super lovely „Naantal“. A 17,5 km course where the first half was slightly uphill but after the turnaround a super fast rolling downhill. A fun TT where he managed to finish 13th overall and 6th in his age group.



Last Thursday this years Donauinsel Cup started. For some reason the first race was canceled so we were all happy to finally race.

It’s a points race over 42 laps and bonus points in every third lap. Christian and Josh managed to collect some of these but we don’t know the exact results yet. Unfortunately Gui had to stop racing with just a couple of laps to go but still managed to join Gernot and take a bunch of pictures.

More photos over here and here!


It´s the end of June, the Tour de France is only inches away and new national champions need to be crown – it´s „championship weekend“.

Not only the austrian elite riders fought for the prestigious national jersey, also the amateur category did in their championship race at Grafenbach in Lower Austria – BBURD sent Christian and Philipp into the race with Josh along their side to support our two guys.

The course of the race was not a typical 20-30km lap as seen on the other races of this years season, no this time it was just a 6km lap with 16 times to go with 3 und 1 minute ´climbs´ – sounds super intense? Hell Yeah! Christian had 360W normalized power after one hour, and still got dropped after 90 minutes.

The race started fast and as said before, it was intense. After every turn the peloton got super long and it was almost an all-out effort to either hold the bunch or to get a better position for the next turn.

Christian clearly lost his mindset in the second round, where he was one lap in the front and wasted energy – “I will not ride in the wind anytime and hide to safe everything” that´s what he said before the race – “I don’t know how it happened, I just wanted to get a better position and somehow I was in front” – that was after the race. Weird thoughts were on his mind “should I try to get away?” - yes sure great idea, try to get away from 80 other people on your own! Well happily the angel on his left shoulder took over and whispered some rational things in his ear like: “just slow down, then they have to pass you anyway”, he did for his own good and found himself back in the peloton.

First people started to struggle in the back of the race and lost contact – which more or less meant – it´s over!

Due this course and the many laps, the time cut was set for only 5 minutes. Everybody who was more than 5 minutes behind the lead was taken out of the race Unfortunately this also happened to Philipp, he fought as long as possible but after 6 laps he had to end the race. But also Christian had to fight with the time limit; after he got dropped at km 55 he had 40km more to ride on his own the finish the race.

After some inglorious DNF´s in the past he decided to not give up until somebody shows him the red flag – nobody did. He managed to stay in time and finished last with a 6 minutes gap to the winner, when he came to the finished the prize giving ceremony already started and he had to find his way to make it over the finishing line, as you can see below, but he made it and was super happy afterwards.

The race was won by Peter Pichler in front of Patrick Hauser and Thomas Osbelt, a former team member of Josh form UC Sonntagsfahrer, awesome achievement. Congrats to those three!

More photos in Josh’s flickr gallery.